We are a private GIS company using the latest technology to gather, categorize and display individual assets on private properties.

Through the layering process we can display ditches, roads, ponds, buildings, fences, and with the assistance of a sub foot GPS device we can specifically locate underground utilities, irrigation systems, and individual property infrastructure.

Since we have partnered with ESRI, we have the industry standard in data collection systems. We have access to today’s most current maps, and the ability to integrate data directly from most government institutions and municipalities. Agencies such as Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Division of Water Resources and the State Mining Commission all function with this same technology. Because of this integration we can gather and display public and private information in an individual site owned by the property owner.

  • Locate and display property boundaries
  • Overlay available county information to identify neighbors, county roads, and utilities
  • Overlay available state mining and mineral information
  • Overlay available NRCS soils and map reports
  • Overlay completed survey information with the permission and compatibility of survey company
  • Locate and identify public grazing leases and embed any documentation
  • Scan and embed the latest title policies and exceptions to title

GPS Property Assets

  • Locate internal roads and trails
  • Locate previously undocumented irrigation systems
  • Locate internal utilities including domestic water values, landscape values and boxes, hydrants, etc
  • Locate gates, cattle guards, fences
  • Locate hunting blinds
  • Locate water improvement features ie: pond aeration systems

Data Gathering and Analysis

Overlay all Division of Water information, including all filed wells, springs, ponds, ditches and head gates and embed documentation

  • Identify fields and visually express production records
  • Compile fertilization records, watering practices and field management practices to create visual production analysis
  • Track yearly hunting harvest records with digital photographs and/or video links
  • Locate prospective building sites with internal links to digital photographs and/or video records
  • Develop a visual database to identify a “to do” list on a property
  • Track agricultural leases
  • Track property improvements
  • Provide yearly consultation and property analysis
  • Provide up to 44” maps